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Reader in Climate Science

Room 2U15, Department of Meteorology
+44 (0)118 378 5568
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  • Warming over the last decade hidden below the ocean surface (see also NCAS blog)
  • Winter floods in Britain are connected to atmospheric rivers
  • PREPARE stakeholders engagement event on "Adapting to the increasing risks of floods and droughts". Read more...
  • RMetS/IOP meeeting "Clouds and the Earth's Radiation balance: Observational Evidence" 23rd March 2011, Edinburgh (read more...)
  • NERC Changing water cycle projects begin: PAGODA and HYDEF
  • I am now in the Meteorology Department but am continuing to work closely with ESSC, NCEO and the Walker Institite.
  • Special focus issue on "Anticipated Changes in the Global Water Cycle" is now published in Environmental Research Letters.
  • Matthias Zahn joined to work on the PREPARE project. This involves monitoring and understanding of current changes in global precipitation and radiative energy fluxes using satellite data, climate models and reanalysis products in collaboration with the Met Office and ETH Zurich.
    My research is driven by the fundamental question: How much will the Earth warm in the current century and what are the implications for the global water cycle, upon which societies and ecosystems depend? I use Earth Observation data to explore fluctuations in clouds, water vapour and the Earth's radiative energy balance and use this information to assess the realism of climate prediction models and improve our understanding of the climate system.

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    I am indebted to the support and friendship over the years from my mentor, Tony Slingo
    Richard Allan (~rpa ~sgs02rpa)
    Location: Meteorology, 2U15
    Telephone: 5568

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